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Why Apple’s AirPods Are Legitimately A Terrible Idea

Why Apple’s AirPods Are Legitimately A Terrible Idea


Why Apple Is AirPods religiously idea Terrible
In the annual event’s main September Apple, it was announced about a lot of the main things: the new camera features, mobile brightest,

the application starring Mario, (f) and in particular – the elimination of the headphone jack on the iPhone 7

and enter AirPods, wireless Apple’s new earphones.

This last declaration, however, is the idea horribly illegal. Here’s why:



1. You are going to lose them immediately

Now, you might lose track of your earphones once a day at least,

they’re in touch with the long, white wire to make a very coherent, nothing is clear.

Remove the wire and now you have two separate small marble – this means you can lose all AirPod INDIVIDUALLY … and you certainly can do it on a daily basis a large extent.

Hell, even if you remember to keep AirPods all in the same place,

will definitely have nearly half a ton of hard to find, because there is a long wire out to make their positions clear anymore.

Note: Yes, and they come with the case that you can charge them in,

but that’s only about the last thing separately for you to lose track.

What used to be one simple thing (earphones) is now a nightmare item 3, where the loss of any item can ruin your day.


2. They’re going to run out of battery right in the middle of the day

Apple claims that AirPods be a battery life of 5 hours – and if that’s what Apple claims in the beginning,

I knew she would actually end up slightly lower, especially after extended use. 5 hours is … very bad.

If you’re going on a long trip, you’re screwed – and hell, you may be screwed on a quick walk around the block because you forgot to recharge them is because charging your earphones is not something you use tags.
You know how much battery life her current earphones? INFINITE literally.

… Well, well, just as long as whatever the battery life on your phone.

But this is still very good.

3. One happens to fall out of your ear and something gross

Let’s face it – you do not take good care of your valuables.

This is the reason (maybe) to keep your phone in the case of (or otherwise, the phone with a screen that’s what broke to hell and back). But guess what?

They do not make cases AirPods, because then you will need to increase somewhat the size of the opening of the ear canal or something. While your earphones are no longer tied to your phone,

and these things will fall down all the time.

And they certainly are going to land in the overall place.

At least with the phone, and you do not stick literally in the body after it gets a little gross if you drop it.

But AirPods will be jammed directly to your ears after dropping them on the subway or in the trash or in the yard where the dog can pee every day.

This is the best-case scenario – there’s a good chance you will fall and (due to the small size) it will be lost forever – drops the drain,

on the subway tracks, or (most likely) in the infinite abyss that is the couch.

4. it costs too much for something you definitely lose or break immediatelyApple

$ 160?! I pay $ 10 for the earphones now, in the first place because I understand they’re cheap and disposable.

I think I’ll pay 16 times more for something that I am 16 times more likely to lose it does not seem very attractive.

5. They look more foolish than regular earphones

Regular earbuds seem somewhat – small mini jam in your ears

and connect to your phone silly things.

It does not look cool, but at least it does not look like Ben Stiller earcum of There’s Something about Mary:

6. It will fuck up when you use your iPhone

and Apple Watch at the same time<h/3>

One of the main selling points in AirPods is that they will switch sources to identify the device you are using.

But when you use both your IE your iPhone and Apple Watch private

at the same time  just kidding no one uses or at any time using the watch Apple.

“Ooo, here are the worst small phone that barely do anything!

It’s not like you actually use the phone to see what time it is to wait OH This is exactly how people do it

and runs a wonderful thing.”

7. were not called “Air Bud”

Apple really dropped the ball here – they want to use “air” prefix,

which is perfectly fine, but instead of redubbing earphones as AirBuds, they decided to bring “pod”? Huh?

This is not what this is – “pod” was what they were for the media player,

not the things you used to listen to things.

I’m guessing they just want to avoid the “Bad Air” memes (such as a dog who was very good in basketball),

but AirBud would make more sense as a name and allows people to make fun of the dog memes basketball.

What the hell, Apple?

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