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Some Thing About Girls

Some Thing About Girls



If you treat her nice says “Yar Hai Mujhe de comfort line.” If you do not tell “] [Kitna] akadta Hai”.

If you dress nicely you say “Mujhay persuade Karna Chahta”. If you do not tell “tasteless Hai Yar.” If you argue with them says, “Zaidi Hai”.

If you sit quietly and says, “Hey shut up.”

If you work smarter and she will lose her brain as you insult her.

If they are working smarter thinking about right.

If you do not like you say ”

Do Ka’s pehlay say hello 2,3 ladkioon Ke Hai thanked their house.”

If you love her say “Peechay hello panel gayaa Hai”. If you do not give her a kiss says, “Tom says mujh naheen dangerous it is.” If you give her a kiss says “Oooh Yar ladkaa flirt Carr comfort Hai”.

If you do not tell them your problems says, “You are not honest to me.” If you do not tell her she says, “You are the problem children.” If you scold them says, “You behave like a grandfather to give a lecture.

” If taunts you say “Yar her because I care.

” If you break a promise that says “he does not trust you any more than that.” If the breaks that says “Home elves majboor Thi” If you smoke you say “You’re a bad man.”

If smoked says, “I need this, please jaanu try to understand.

” If you do well in exams says “KISMAT northeast parental home warna Tom or good grades.

” If you get good grades you say “e my mind.” If you hurt her say, “You are cruel and take care of my feelings.” If the hurts she replied, “You do not understand.”

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