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Brazilian group sex theme park to open in 2018

  • The entry fee will be $ 100 and will allow visitors access to the shop for sexy aphrodisiac
  • Sex will not be allowed inside the park, but visitors can use the nearby motels
  • A Council warned that the park will lure “individuals debauched”

Brazil is known for scantily clad dancers Carnival – but has now been set entertainment in the country

to become even steamier, thanks to the amusement park for adults only called Erotikaland.
Developers are hoping that the park will be built near Piracicaba, about two hours drive from Sao Paulo, by 2018.
If it goes ahead, and include in the park Cinema ‘7D’ attractions with vibrating seats and bumper cars

on the genitals form, a swimming pool naked and “train of fun” by gogo girls and boys working.


The entry fee will be $ 100, and will also give access to the sexy shop aphrodisiac visitors, but sex will not be allowed inside the park.
The New York Times reported on visitors to make a connection and want to become intimate that it will be able to book in nearby motels, run by the park.

Nature Erotikaland perhaps inevitably met with some criticism, with Matthews Erler,

a member of the Christian Socialist Party and leader of the Piracicaba City Council and told reporters:

“We can not be known as the capital of sex,” according to the newspaper.

He added that he has concerns that the park will lure “debauched individuals”, a charge refuted developers.
The head of the project, Mr. Matthews Erler: “This will not be a place for nuns, but it’s not like

we are trying to re-Sodom and Gomorrah. If the audience wants to take things to another level, they can go to a nearby hotel – which will work.
Mr. Erler also pointed out that the complex will create 250 jobs and promote the practice of safe sex.
Other exotic gardens all over the world Bon Bon Land in Denmark, a pornographic amusement

park where you can ride on the wind dog winding, and a garbage dump and skiing sections volatile,

Pedroland, in the state of South Carolina, based on the 1950s -era stereotype ethnic and experience the

holy land in Florida, which is based on the life and times of Jesus Christ.
There is also the Shijingshan Amusement Park in Beijing, which is sometimes referred to as “fake Disney World,” which opened in 1986 and packed with Disney characters such seemingly without a care in the world

about copyright infringement.
In 2007, after pressure from Disney World it destroyed many of the characters, but there are still many

of the rides with reference to Disney, such as elephant riding, which has a passing resemblance to Dumbo,

the main street is called the European Dream Street.



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