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How to Find the new, fun, funny, Cool blog posts

Doraemon-2Look on social media

I’m sure you’ve read a lot of tips on how to find out what went viral and use them in your business. Well, do not do it. Seriously, stop blogging what everyone is blogging.

Instead, I want you to ideas that you see on social media spin differently than you see her at the moment. If someone wrote an article entitled, and the top 10 for something, go ahead and write, and the worst 10 of the same thing. If you see that a friend asks a question, answer the question … in the blog.

If asked is: Where should I take my family to a beach holiday?

Blog will be as follows: 3 best beaches for children (and this will not break the bank)

Here’s an additional tip: Throw your message in the comment section after you’re done. You will get a piggy back on yet but meaningful way should not get the stink eye from supervisors and social media.

Ask for ideas from your audience

Companies sometimes forget something important about mining new content. You can ask your people what they want to read you. I recently read a book adventure a true story by the author, who did not mention once her personal life.

It emerged in what refers to Whole Foods and Gucci shoes, but I’ll be darned if after 300 pages I knew if she has a boyfriend at home or not … or cat, for that matter.

You can also ask contractors, suppliers, employees and other associates to give you three topics each. Comprehensive e-mail address: “Code Help, please,” and allow your team to advise you.

Have a good night? Send Survey Monkey questionnaire. The gateway to every question in a way makes it necessary to give solid answers. So, if you are a travel agency and mining for new content to the beach:

Where is your favorite beach you have?
How many days is perfect for a beach holiday?
What three things make a good beach?
Converting the answers to discuss the matter on the basis of a blog that will be completely unique to you – share dramatically blog feature, by the way – like, “Wow! 300 people said this was the best beach destination.”

funny idaeas

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