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Laughter really is the best medicine


Laughter really is the best medicine


Low blood sugar, relieve pain and promote health with a daily dose of joy.
Small children can laugh more than 300 times a day while adults will chuckle part of this amount – often much less, if at all. It’s not a joke.

When life is taken very seriously,

and we are missing out on one of the greatest health promotion habits around.

Feel good endorphins, and pain management, and low blood pressure, and protection from the disease, a clearer mind – just a few of the perks little joy can offer.

Laughing makes people smarter, more productive, and, as some say, sexier.
Just what the doctor ordered
As it turns out, a good sense of humor is essential for prosperity and health.

Not only is it fun. Laughter stimulates the heart and lungs,

relieves stress and strengthens the immune system.

So it boosts the amount of oxygen, and stimulates blood circulation and relaxes the muscles – to benefit the major organs and causing the release of endorphins. This, in turn, leads to happier states of enjoyment.

The existence of lively laughter also relieves discomfort by urging the body to produce natural painkillers

and interrupt the pain cycle muscle spasm disorders as well.

Moreover, laughter lowers blood sugar levels – promising news for diabetics.

Laughter sharpens the mind as well. Began Ron Burke, PhD from Johns Hopkins University Medical using humor to relieve the fatigue caused by the lecture his students started. Quickly realized that not only did his students to stay awake, but there was also a significant increase in test scores. To support his theory, Burke and fellow class is divided into two groups. Everybody took the same exam, but only one group received instructions that were funny. Students who have obtained a measure of entertainment and scored significantly higher on the test.

Research has shown that laughter, like love and contentment, broaden thinking, it allows to adapt to changing circumstances and stimulates creativity. Scientists believe this is caused by the joke activates the reward center in the brain. In a study conducted at Stanford University, put the participants in the MRI machines, showed cartoons Pizarro. When it was found to be funny jokes, the central region of the brain called the nucleus accumbens become active. This is the same reward circuit, which pumps dopamine when we have sex or consume chocolate. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that stimulates the frontal lobe which is where creative thinking takes place. Enjoy laughter helps us to think outside the box, and with greater efficiency.

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