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The high-diving pigs put steps in the practice of excercise

Pigs have been made to jump from platform to dive high as strange as the farmer’s annual campaign began “piggy fitness.”

Pig farms has been hosting scene since 2012 – and even though it sounds strange, and pigs actually said to benefit greatly from swimming.

So as well as providing tourists an amusing scene, Huang Demin also helps to improve the pig’s immune system to him ‘and give them some exercise much needed.

Rural spot, in Ningxiang County outside Changsha, Hunan, is known for its quality pig meat as an event, filmed the video mentioned above in 2012 bar now, it is said makes the meat taste better.

According to Sina, pig farms claim to sell three times the regular pig.



State reports today that pigs are susceptible to the moods just like humans, with some described as a go get a positive and optimistic, others pessimistic moody, reveals new research.

Scientists tested 36 domestic pigs, some of which are treated enriched living conditions with the extra space and the deep layers of straw, and the reports of the Palestinian Authority.

Their personalities have been investigated by giving them food producing areas in fixed locations which contain sugar-coated chocolate or coffee beans disappointing.


Active, pigs and was optimistic more likely to achieve in a bowl and placed between two sites that may or may not be filled with delicious desserts.

Always looked on the bright side, no matter what environment they have to live.

Moody’s interacting with the animals tend less space and not a straw to be negative and pessimistic – but was cheered by an improvement in living conditions.


The findings are published in the Royal Society journal Biology Letters.

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